Comedy acts interspersed with talks from NSA Comedy Host, former Amazon executive, and entrepreneur Vahid Razavi, author of Ethics in Tech, or The Lack Thereof and Age of Nepotism.

Harmony for Humanity:Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima Day

Sunday, August 6, 2023 Starts on  6PM , Pacific Are you ready to attend? Harmony for Humanity: Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima Day Buy Tickets About This Event This unique gathering brings together a diverse lineup of talent, including five hilarious comedians, four inspiring speakers and a captivating musician, all driven by a shared commitment to promote world peace. Through laughter, thought-provoking discussions and soul-stirring melodies, this event aims to create a space where the power of humor, ideas, and music converge to facilitate important conversatios surrounding nuclear disarmament and the preservation of human rights. Together we will explore the

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Trevor Timm Freedom Of The Press Foundation

Mike Rufo - Big Tech Comedy Roast.

Vahid Razavi - How I ended up working for Big Tech

Doctor Rev Blake - Big Tech Comedy Roast.

Will Durst - Big Tech Comedy Roast