Comedy acts interspersed with talks from NSA Comedy Host, former Amazon executive, and entrepreneur Vahid Razavi, author of Ethics in Tech, or The Lack Thereof and Age of Nepotism.

“Meet My Parents” Ali and Pari Razavi

This Statement of Fact

This statement of fact is made by Vahid Razavi the Son of Deceased Parivash Gharavi that died on November 19th, 2023 at Westin Hotel located at 6 Kai Ala Drive Lahaina, HI at 9:42 am. I

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Digital Rights and Human Rights are under attack. Join for our 11th year anniversary marking community support and grassroots activism as it relates to privacy and human rights.

Please join for this year’s event. As the United States congress is working to erode our basic rights to privacy and security in the digital age under section 702 and global conflicts rage across the world, join this online free event on

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Trevor Timm Freedom Of The Press Foundation

Mike Rufo - Big Tech Comedy Roast.

Vahid Razavi - How I ended up working for Big Tech

Doctor Rev Blake - Big Tech Comedy Roast.

Will Durst - Big Tech Comedy Roast