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An expert in the subject of Iran and US politics as it relates to censorship and surveillance. Mr. Razavi launched the first No Facebook In Censorship cause for Iran. As a lifelong activist and humanitarian he has published hundreds of articles and videos on various social issues issues including regional politics, poverty, war and social injustice.


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The Age of Nepotism

Here is a profound statement about similarities that connect what at first seems impossible to even consider as similar. The book explores the consequences of narrow-mindedness, ignorance, and closing one’s eyes in the face of conflicts. The Age of Nepotism is a positive prescription for improving our relations with our fellow men. This personal story with its fascinating graphic work is exciting reading, while giving you additional information that mirrors the sense that you are reading a magazine or encyclopedia that includes artistic graphic work which would satisfy even the most demanding eye. The Age of Nepotism presents a brand new format of media.