Ethics In Tech & Lack Thereof

Sleeping Under The Cell Tower

By Vahid Razavi

CSC: Torturers Become Thieves

A year and a half after we launched BizCloud, Computer Sciences Corporation, perhaps in a bid to rehabilitate their reputation, did what so many other companies do when they want people to forget their dirty deeds — they offered a new product under a new brand. CSC’s products would now be sold under BizCloud.

CSC was also a Fortune 500 firm with a global footprint. The company’s notorious business practices as a failed technology provider were by then well known in United Kingdom. It had failed to deliver on promised system upgrades to Britain’s vaunted National Health Service, with work running longer and far more expensive than promised. Meanwhile, back in the US, the company kept winning lucrative government and military industrial complex contracts. It was during this period that poor Khaled El Masri’s vacation nightmare began, with CSC ultimately cashing in on his return trip home. In doing so, it became the first tech company to provide Rendition as a Service offering.

CSC launched its pilfered version of BizCloud in February 2010, years after our trademark was filed. The day CSC launched the glorified server private cloud offering it called BizCloud, we notified the thieves that they were infringing on our intellectual property and trademark. We Informed them that we wanted nothing to do with them and that our core values were different from theirs. I felt strongly about protecting our name and our brand. CSC failed to respond to our numerous requests to cease and desist. They continued to infringe on our good name. Seeing that CSC never took our trademark cease and desist seriously, I decided to fight back using a two-prong approach. We would focus our business at BizCloud and expand our online footprint with more cloud computing and business content in addition to increasing our partnership with various cloud computing providers. While simultaneously building BizCloud I purchased a number of CSC domains, including and We launched CSC Fraud as an online repository of CSC’s corporate crimes including its “RaaS” program and its many failed customers and government contracts — one of which led to a British parliamentarian to brand CSC “a rotten company.”

We targeted CSC at every opportunity. In addition to the aforementioned websites, I also created CSCSucks and CSCFraud Twitter handles. Every time CSC issued a press release or made news in any way we were right there, active on all our websites, Twitter handles, and other social media pages, informing and educating the public about CSC’s many crimes and misdeeds. We bought targeted advertisements for CSC Fraud during CSC-hosted and other trade shows and conferences,especially ones involving the company’s partners. Here is a sample of our direct action at the VMWare annual conference, “VMWorld 2013”

Join US for a Direct Action from Monday, August 26th through Wednesday, August 28th at the VM World Conference at Moscone Center From 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM Boycott 2013 VM World Gold Sponsor CSC & Help Preserve The 4th Amendment.

NSA Outsourced IT to CSC: CSC, the “Rotten Systems Integrator” that runs NSA’s internal IT system, defense, and intelligence, CSC as a contractor is making millions of dollars selling technology and services that help the world’s largest surveillance system spy on us!

Crimes Against Humanity: CSC was responsible for the infamous CIA torture rendition flights across Europe. CSC chartered airplanes and facilitated the infamous torture of Khaled Al-Masri, a German Citizen. He was abducted and tortured onboard a plane provisioned by CSC. Read More At

Investor Deception: In addition, CSC has deceived investors with irregular accounting practices. The accounting irregularities expand multiple continents.Read More At Failure to Deliver To Its Customers: Furthermore, CSC has failed to deliver to its customers (e.g. NHS) as well as depriving UK tax payers by failing to deliver on its promise. In the UK the Computer Science Corp CSC is known as the “Rotten Company.”

While under investigation by the UK parliament for failing to deliver on NHS, being sued by its own shareholders for irregular accounting practices, and being investigated by the European Union Commission for Human Rights, CSC continues to receive defense & private sector contracts. The CSC the system integrator or“Geek Squad” of the NSA embodies the essence of what the Preserve The Fourth Amendment should stand against!

Somehow the technology and financial industry analysts have missed the red flags on CSC’s unethical business practices. Please help take a stand by asking VMWare Management & CSC Partners to discontinue support for this inhumane,incompetent, and menacing organization. Learn more about CSC Defense Contract Awards! “Rotten” CSC, the “systems integrator” that runs NSA’s internal IT system,defense, and intelligence!


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Before earnings calls, I would personally contact CSC Wall Street Stock analysts informing them of who we were and why we did not want to be associated with the assholes at CSC. I’m not sure how effective this strategy ultimately proved, given the moral and ethical ambiguities of corporate capitalism in general.

I also fought back by launching an anti-bullying campaign I called #CloudBully. I figured, who hasn’t been bullied at one time or another in their lives? I’m a short Iranian with kinky hair, youthink I haven’t been bullied? With the rise of online bullying and social media, I believed I could raise awareness and make a real impact utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. I invited bullying victims to share their stories and even had a promotion in which I gave away an iPad. The idea was to use crowdsourcing to stop big companies like CSC from bullying their smaller competitors and to tackle the overall problem of online bullying.

In addition to CSCFraud, associated sites, and the #CloudBully campaign, I with the motto “Got Ethics?” Ethics In Tech aimed to create awareness around ethical use of technology in service of protecting and expanding individual rights and freedoms. We Supported the agenda of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and Restore The 4th. I personally covered the Restore The 4th protests, including“1984 Day,” and had a chance to interview Daniel Ellsberg. Mr. Ellsberg is a whistleblower and longtime activist best known for leaking the Pentagon Papers to media outlets, an action which revealed decades of US lies and atrocities in Southeast Asia and ultimately helped to end the Vietnam War. After Edward Snowden, a modern-day Dan Ellsberg, made international headlines for leaking frightening and infuriating details regarding global mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency, we launched NSA Comedy events at tech conferences like Data Week and the RSA Conference. Through my community outreach to Occupy SF and SF 99% Coalition we also organized small protests at downtown San Francisco’s Moscone Center to target CSC while it participated in the VMWorld Conference. We did this in 2012 and again in 2013. Our protests were held at VMWorld events during lunchtimes for maximum impact; CSC was a gold sponsor of the annual VMWare conference. One year we wore Anonymous-style Guy Fawkes masks during our demonstrations to draw extra attention, and we also filmed our interactions with the San Francisco Police Department outside of VMWorld Conference for the world to see. A couple of the cops would interact with us, sometimes alternating between giving us grief while mocking us and then expressing genuine interest in why we were there.

There was one surly, burly officer who was always on my case. He was probably the oddest cop I’ve ever encountered. He looked like he’d been on the force since the ’89 quake and had something of a “cool cop” air, if there’s such a thing. This guy was a real piece of work. He had Grateful Dead Stickers on his baton, which looked as if it had cracked a few Occupy Wall Street heads in its day. I Couldn’t figure out whether he put the stickers there because he was a bona fide Deadhead or because he got off on cracking hippie skulls. He would always ask us how long we intended to carry on our demonstration. When we informed him that we’d be out there as long as we felt necessary, he asked if we didn’t have anything better to do with our time. I asked him, “What’s More important than standing up against crimes against humanity?” He didn’t have any cute retort to that. Another cop — a hulking yet jovial fellow with as much hair on his head as CSC has ethics— liked telling us that he knew who we were despite our masks. We engaged in a spirited back-and forth about when it is and isn’t legal to wear masks in public.

We walked a tightrope of an uneasy peace with these and other cops, and in the end even Officer Deadhead was curious about CSC’s crimes. He asked why we were out there and what we hoped to accomplish with our protest. Of course he didn’t get it. We were simply exercising our right to freedom of speech in order to highlight CSC’s inhumanity and to defend our reputation. The Officers didn’t understand that, nor did the vast bulk of VMWorld attendees we attempted to reach,to be honest. Nevertheless, we remained steadfast and undaunted. We decided to also target CSC partners and customers on social media. I like to think that we took a little bit of the wind out of their sails every time CSC made an announcement.

People would sometimes ask me why I had it out so bad for CSC and why I was waging such a Quixotic struggle against a giant corporation. To this I always retorted that I was not at war with CSC, that I just wanted to get my story out while raising awareness of how a highly-respected techgiant was participating in one of the greatest US crimes of the so-called War on Terror. I’d be stupid to go to war against tech giants. They’re huge multinational conglomerates and I’m just me. The Best I can do is to create awareness about their unethical and even criminal business practices with the hope that consumers will vote accordingly with their purchasing power. But boy, CSC sure did make it feel like a war sometimes, and I didn’t even know the half of it yet.

On December 31, 2013 I was shocked to learn we were being sued by CSC for using our own trademark, BizCloud. CSC sought to invalidate all of our hard work and our very brand identity.BizCloud — the real BizCloud, our BizCloud — has been a registered trademark in the United States since 2008. Knowing full well that it would not be awarded the trademark by the US Patent And Trademark Office, CSC filed for European trademarks nearly two years after we launched BizCloud. The company tried to back-door its way into a European trademark and then use that to invalidate our US mark. Never mind that both companies are headquartered in the US.

CSC’s lawsuit, which was basically a big middle finger to us and great insult added to injury, is the exact opposite of how an ethical corporation would react when they get caught fraudulently using someone else’s name and trademark. That’s not just my opinion, it’s actually my life’s experience.In late 2009 I learned that NTT, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, launched a product called BizCloud. We sent NTT a press release, in Japanese, threatening legal action, and the company agreed to change the product’s name. All they asked was that we give them a few weeks to come up with a new name. They were kind enough to back down from using a name that wasn’t even exactly the same as ours, and kindness isn’t something you expect to experience at the hands of one of the world’s biggest and most powerful communications corporations. Even though we were glad, we didn’t think NTT was being very clever by doing this; they should have partnered with us! But NTT showed that ethical business practices are possible even when a company as big as they are would have had no problem rolling over us if push had come to shove. A year later,when we pursued a similar strategy in our bid to get CSC to stop stealing our property, we got nothing.

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